Samba Smoking Wood Chips Walnut 3L

SKU: SMC1271

BBQ grade smoking chips. Add authentic smoked flavour to your grilling. Ideal for Gas BBQs, Charcoal BBQs, BBQ Smokers.


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Walnut is a 'cousin' to the strong smoke flavour of hickory. Blend with apple and cherry for milder flavour. Perfect with pork, red meat or game meat.

Tip, Soak in water first.

Perfect to mix with other type of Samba Wood Chips for stronger flavours.

  • 6-12mm size chips
  • Ideal for either hot or cold smoking
  • Can be mixed with other types of Samba Wood Chips for stronger flavour
  • Mild and versatile will work with any type of meat
  • Premium European hardwood

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