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The BBQ Boys Fuel Club is for all BBQ enthusiasts that need a good supply of BBQ wood, charcoal and general fuel at great prices

You qualify for the Fuel Club simply by creating an account and making any purchase over $70.

Then for the next 30 days get 10% off all orders for Wood Chips / Chunks, Charcoal and Pellet fuels.

Simply make a purchase every 30 days to keep the discount going.

We Just made it easier, read below.

The discount will automatically applied on checkout.

Limited Time Only

We have made a few changes to the Fuel Club for a limited time to help everyone with the cost of living. We have removed the minimum spend for now. So to ensure you get the discount follow the following steps,

  1. Register for an account, click here
  2. Go to My Profile
  3. Under the Fuel Club Tab ensure you have ticked sign up for furl club newsletters
  4. So long as you stay signed up to the newsletter, the discount will apply itself automatically on checkout for Fuel Club items.

Fuel Club Terms & Conditions

Here is what you need to know, we like to keep it simple so there's more time for BBQ.

  • To activate, requires a purchase of $70 or greater, discount will not be applied to the first order, following orders will have the discount auto applied
  • Limited time, as of August 2023 we have made joining as simple as being a member and subscribing to the Fuel Club newsletter to get 10% of all fuel we sell
  • Promotion is not available instore, this is an online offering only, pick ups are welcome
  • Must have an account with bbqboys.nz
  • Spend $70 or more in the past 30 days to receive 10% off all fuel purchases
  • These terms can change at any time

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